What are the characteristics of the encoder?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
Encoder is a kind of common electronic components, widely used in the electronics industry, let's look at the encoder have what features? And whether these features meet the demand of our electronic product design? About the encoder to sum up, the key features of the main output function characteristics, conformity, resolution and sliding noise. The nominal resistance, allowable deviation, rated power of the encoder and the parameters such as temperature coefficient of resistance with a resistor. Index of the encoder and wear life and starting torque, etc. Let's look at the encoder's main features. Encoder main features: output function characteristics of the encoder voltage ratio ( The ratio of the output voltage and input voltage) And stroke than ( Brush on the resistor body by the ratio of the stroke and total stroke) The function relationship between, also called value change rule. There are three kinds of commonly used functions relations: linear, exponential and logarithmic type. There are also suitable for special purposes such as sine, cosine, form. Conformity encoder actual output of the function feature and the degree of deviation between the theoretical value, with the actual output and the theory of the absolute difference between the output value of percentage. For linear encoder, compliance with linearity, said its allowable deviation range is called linear precision. Resolution encoder on the output voltage or resistance of the fine adjustment ability, characterization of brush minimum motion can cause changes in output. It is important for precision instrument or the control system of regulating effects. Sliding noise brush on the resistor body movement caused by the irregular parasitic potential ( Assuming that there is no thermal noise and current noise) 。 The line around the encoder sliding with dynamic noise or smooth; Wire-wound encoder sliding noise in equivalent noise resistance. Shanghai electronics from 91 to start producing encoder has been 26 years experience, under the efforts of all the employees in the electronic named 'best supplier by customers for many times,. Encoder more became some of the world famous enterprises designated products. Customers throughout the world, the product has been, SAMSUNG, SANYO, PANASONIC, TCL, MICROSOFT, rambler, chaoyang, FORYOU, Huayang gm) Desai, navigation, west wei, song, backgammon, galanz, midea and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad. Looking for looking for electronic encoder manufacturers.
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