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Absolute Encoder

Absolute rotary encoders measure actual position by generating  unique digital codes or bits (instead of pulses) that represent the encoder's actual position. Single turn absolute encoders output codes that are repeated every full revolution and do not output data to indicate how many revolutions have been made. Multi-turn absolute encoders output a unique code for each shaft position through every rotation, up to 24 bits, equls to 16,777,216 revolutions. Unlike incremental encoders, absolute encoders will retain correct position even if power fails without homing at startup.

Currently, absolute encoder from Hengxiang Optical reads 24bits (can be extended to 32bits) signle-turn absolute position information and 24 bits multi-turn absolute position information.

We offer absolute encoders in 4 mounting options:

1. Solid shaft type (φ6 to φ10mm;)

2. Hollow shaft type (φ6 toφ25mm;)

3. Hub-shaft type((φ6 to φ10mm)

4. Concentric shaft ring locking type(φ6 to φ40mm)

What's more,the high preicsion mechanical multiturn absolute encoder without battery is under developing, will come up to market in a very short time.




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