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Rotary Encoder

Rotary encoder is a type of sensor that detects position and speed by converting rotational mechanical displacement into electrical signals. It works by translating the movement of a rotating shaft into a series of digital pulses that can be used to determine the position and speed of the shaft.

HENGXIANG’s rotary encoders includes incremental rotary encoder, absolute and sincos encoder. Our rotary encoders equip users with a range of resolutions, shaft length and bore diameters, and output signal types.

  •  Incremental Encoder& Absolute Encoder&SinCos Encoder

  •  9ppr to 131,072ppr for incremental type;

  •  24 bits ,can expanded to 32bits for for absolute type

  •  Outer diaφ 18mm to φ 158mm

  •  Shadt diaφ2.5mm to φ 82mm

  •  Minimum thickness 11.5mm

  •  Output interface: NPN,PNP, push-pull, voltage, TTL,HTL,RS422,BISS-C,SSI,RS485

  •  Wide voltage range of 5-30V




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