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The encoder welding matters needing attention

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
Electronic 26 years, specializing in the production of encoder is the national standard-setting unit, most complete encoder model in the domestic market, one-stop service, reliable encoder manufacturers! Encoder today to tell you about the welding. Solder encoder is a very easy to cause one of the reasons for failure, the majority of customers still adopt the method of manual soldering, in addition, there are some big enterprises adopt the method of high frequency solder. These are some caveats. Use manual soldering method, encoder at the time of welding operation should be finished in a short period of time as far as possible, best within 3 seconds to complete, soldering iron contact of the highest temperature is lower than 270 degrees. If the time is too long or too hot, can cause the encoder to various reasons such as poor contact. Prudent use flux welding, avoid using water-soluble flux, otherwise, will fuel oxidation and metal mold material. Pay attention to when using the high frequency solder encoder in the plastic parts, such as dial the circle button, plastic handle, plastic handle, such as the temperature of the melting point when can meet the requirements of high frequency, if not, please replace the high temperature resistant components. Avoid wiring and add tin lead to solder flow through the circuit board, otherwise easy to cause the encoder poor contact. The welding of the encoder at 7 points for attention is summarized as the following: 1, often wipe, and then keep the soldering iron head clean. Because the electric soldering iron head is in a state of high temperature for a long time, its surface oxidation or burn easily, make the welding head thermal conductivity variation and affect the welding quality. Therefore, can use wet cloth or wet sponge iron impurities, when temperature is too high, can temporarily remove the plug or dip in rosin cool, make the soldering iron head hung tin good at any time. 2, tin on the matters needing attention: if the welding and solder joint surface with rust stains, dirt or oxide, should be cleaned before welding, to weld or solder tin plating on the surface. 3, the welding temperature should be appropriate, there will not be too high, too low. In order to make the temperature is just right, should according to the size of the encoder to choose suitable electric power, electric power must be elected by, attention should be paid to control the length of the heating time. When soldering iron head automatic scattered to the welding material, heating time is enough. Quickly remove the welding head at this time, was left a sleek solder welding place. If removed after soldering iron and be a little tin leave or left few welding place, the heating time is too short, the temperature is not enough or being too dirty welding; If removed prior to soldering iron, soldering is flowing downwards, suggests that the heating time is too long, the temperature is too high. General welding head temperature control in the flux melting faster when you don't smoke again as the best welding temperature. (4), the amount of tin wants moderate. Can according to the size of the solder joint required to determine the dip soldering iron tin, the solder coated by weld toughness, enough to form a suitable size and sleek solder joints. Solder joints are not tin, tin is more good, on the contrary, the possibility of the solder joints virtual welding, is likely to be solder accumulation in the above, instead of weld on it. If a tin content is insufficient, can repair welding again, but must stay on the previous tin to melt together and then remove the soldering iron; If a tin content is too much, can be used welding head take right amount. 5, to control the welding time, can not be too long. The proper use of welding time also is an important part of the welding craft. If it is a printed circuit board welding, usually with 2 ~ 3 s advisable. Welding time is too long, solder flux of volatile, completely lost to help welding effect, make the solder surface oxidation, resulting in a rough surface, solder joint black, no light, defects such as burrs or flow. At the same time, welding time is too long, the temperature is too high, it is easier for hot components or printed circuit board copper foil. If the welding time is too short, and short of welding temperature, soldering is not fully melted, affect the solder wetting, easy create virtual welding. 6, in the process of weld solidification, remember do not touch the weld by hand. Welding point before not completely frozen, even if there is a small vibration also can make deformation of solder joints, causing virtual welding. Therefore, welding parts to be fixed before welding head to evacuate, if use tweezers clamping, or welding head out after a quick blow with the mouth, to the purpose of these practices, is to shorten the time of solder solidification. 7, when a weld complete welding, welding head selection of evacuation point is particularly important. When welding head along the inclined top to evacuate, soldering iron head to take a small amount of beads, it can form a smooth solder joints; When the welding head vertical evacuation, can form icicles burr solder joints; When the welding head in horizontal direction to evacuate, welding head can take most of the beads. Through the above 7 points, we should pay attention to avoid the most direct, the most fundamental method of virtual welding, or want to do a good job of cleaning before welding, cleaning is best not to use solder paste, because it contains acid material, probably will corrosion encoder pin, virtual welding. After remove oxide, tin, first to the welding surface welding easily again, also not easy to generate virtual welding. Should also be on the pins of the encoder hang tin, and master good welding time, so as to ensure the quality of soldering, to ensure the whole quality of the encoder. Believe that by described above everyone know how to correct method to avoid bad welding encoder, so must pay attention to in the application as described above, looking for professional manufacturer of encoder is 26 years old encoder manufacturers - Electrons.
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