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optical absolute encoder

optical absolute encoder


optical absolute encoder

when someone is talking about the optical absolute encoder

do you have any idea of what is optical absolute encoder?

As far as we known, that encoder includes incrmental encoder and absolute encoder

it's a common sentence of encoder

but it also has two type, one is optical encoder, the other is magnetic encoder

Next I will tell you the difference in optical encoder and magnetic encoder

absolute optical encoder is a  position sensor which is using optical signals to identify an absolute angular position.

the absolute encoder feedbacks device, it provides with speed information, absolute position informtation.

the absolute encoder outputs a digital data or bit data

and for an absolute optical encoder,it also contains a single rotation and multiple rotations types.

it offers a unique digital data or bit for each rotation of the shaft's running.

We , HENGXIANG encoder manufactuer, can provide a full ranges of absolute optical encoders,

inlcuding single-turn and multi-turn absolute otical encoders in different shaft styles, blind hollow bore, and thru-bore.

- Support BISS-C, SSI, RS485.

- 5-24 bits can expanded to 32bits for Single-turn, 17-24 bits for Multi-turn.

- Solid Shaft φ6-10mm, Hollow Shaft φ6-40mm.

- IP50/IP65

in this way, we can statified you with a series of dimensions and a higher resolutoin, as well as the communication interfaces.

our email address is heng@shhxgd.cn, 

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