Incremental rotary encoder selection need to pay attention to what issues?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
A fellow rotary encoder, incremental rotary encoder why popularity? Incremental rotary encoder is absolute rotary encoder have what advantage? When choosing incremental rotary encoder and should pay attention to what? Share and see below. Incremental rotary encoder through internal two photosensitive accept tube into the sequence and phase relationship of Angle encoder, get the Angle encoder Angle displacement increase ( Positive direction) Or decrease ( Negative direction) 。 After the joint digital circuit especially microcontroller, incremental rotary encoder in Angle and angular velocity measurement is more absolute rotary encoder with the advantages of cheap and simple. As a result, incremental rotary encoder is widely used, but we in front of the incremental rotary encoder type selection should focus on the following three points: 1. Machinery installation dimensions, including positioning seam allowance, trunnion, mounting holes; Cable wire way; Installation space volume; Work environment protection grade whether meet the requirements. 2. Resolution, that is, each lap of the output pulse encoder work number, whether the precision meets the design requirements; 3. Electrical interface, the encoder output way has a push-pull output (common F type HTL format) The output voltage, ( E) , open collector ( C, C for common NPN output, C2 for PNP tube output) Long-term drive output. Its means of output should match the interface circuit of the control system. Shanghai electronic products co. , LTD. Is specialized in research and development production of rotary encoder, has 25 years experience in research and development manufacturing, products won a number of patent certification, if you have purchasing rotary encoder needs, contact us.
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