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Frequency converter connection external encoder and matters needing attention

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
Some product design requirements encoder and converter connection, we are in the operating frequency converter external encoders, shall be in strict accordance with the instructions for operating frequency converter, this paper mainly and everyone about inverter connection, external encoder frequency converter selection considerations, substitute encoder inverter using external encoder considerations, for your reference. Is a connection, inverter external encoder encoder has three terminal, its value can be adjusted according to some variation of the resistance element. The encoder usually consists of resistance and removable brush. As it moves, a brush along the resistance on the output side won the relations with the displacement with a certain resistance or voltage. First inverter with an external connection between the encoder should recommend using shielded wire, distance between the inverter and external encoders had better not more than 2 meters, more than 2 meters, want to consider the quality of the shielding wire line diameter thickness between cannot little. Frequency converter the way of the pressure drop can be ignored, if the pressure drop is too big, can be used with a single core copper wire shielding shielding wire. Then the inverter of the analog output is set to run the frequency, then the regulator can be converted into 4 - 20 ma signal, sent to the signal input end of the frequency converter, so that we can achieve the purpose of control frequency conversion, the inverter frequency setting can be set by an external frequency encoder. Finally, the sliding side received the inverter voltage at the input of external encoder AVI, the remaining two ends + 10 v and public. Also theoretically encoder can also control two inverter at the same time, but in order to reduce operating errors, it is best to use two way of the digital signal to the encoder to control the output current, first of all set a current value ( Or the inverter frequency values) Corresponding to the encoder output current value of the same, in order to achieve the goal of control both frequency converter. The inverter is best change for the current signal control. Second selection considerations for various frequency converter, inverter substitute encoder on the instruction of foreign joint resistance and power have provisions of the encoder. But users cannot buy encoder is correspond to the specifications, and then puts forward the existing problems of encoder can substitute. For alternative encoder, generally should follow the following principles: ( 1) Resistance can only increase rather than decrease. Because the resistance of small, internal control will increase the frequency converter power source of electric current. Without knowing the inverter circuit inside the case, should try to avoid this situation. ( 2) Resistance is too large, the encoder access current is too small, when the distance control, poor anti-jamming capability. In addition, there is also an internal circuit and inverter matching problem, so the value of the encoder is not greater than 10 k Ω. ( 3) Due to external encoder adjustment more frequently in the process of work, must consider their internal contact resistance to wear, the power of reason encoder should be big not small. General should be according to the actual consumed power more than 10 times to choose. Resistance, for example, the power supply voltage of 10 v, encoder for 2 k Ω, power consumption of the encoder for P = U2 = 1/20 w/R = 102/2000 w, should choose the nominal power of the encoder for 1/2 w above. In addition, if the existing encoder value less than the specified value of specifications, can make an additional resistance encoder series Ra, the Ra + RRP ( RRP resistance of encoder RP) Is greater than the specified value. 3, inverter using external encoder note 1. Encoder resistance also cannot too big, in the distance control frequency converter, the deterioration in the anti-interference ability of the encoder. 2. External encoder adjustment more frequently in the process of work, under the condition of operation of the encoder power also shoulds not be too small, general advice according to the actual loss power to select 5 to 10 times. 3. Due to considering the problems such as the inverter circuit inside the match each other, the selection of the encoder resistance had better not more than more than 10 k Ω. 4. Without knowing the inverter under the condition of internal circuit, resistance should not be suitable for adjustment of the encoder is too small, because the resistance of small, will lead to increase the click frequency converter internal control power supply, so it should be noted that. Because of various frequency converter on the explanation of the value of foreign joint encoder and power requirements are different, so everyone at the operating frequency converter to external encoders, shall be conducted according to the frequency converter to manual operation. Shanghai electronic products is 27 years old, encoder manufacturers, specializing in the production of various types of encoders and encoder models complete, can perfect to replace each brand at home and abroad encoder. Old encoder manufacturers, with advanced production equipment, can provide customers with a axis type, long axial length and working parts, shaft sleeve type, long sleeves, the resistance and its linear error values, professional custom, looking for looking for electronic encoder manufacturers.
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