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encoder with flange

encoder with flange


Rotary encoder with square flange

The rotary encoder with square flange provides two installation methods:

1. Use fixing screw holes for installation at the front or back

2. Use a fixed mounting flange bracket

Positioning the rotary encoder on the solid shaft on the flange plate

Here we srtongly recommend to use our S65FSeires rotary encoder with below features:

Incremental Type (Solid shaft)

  • Feature: flange fixture, sturdy and durable,optional various output mode,etc

  • Application: numerical control machine,textile industry,packing machinery.etc,for automation contro

  • External dimensions: flange 65mm*65mm,thickness 56mm,diameter of shaft 8mm(D type)Resolution: up to 23040P/R

  • Supply voltage: DC5V: DC8-30VProtection:IP50:IP65

  • Cable length:1000mm

  • Weight: about 370g

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