Carbon film encoder principle

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
Carbon film encoder in horseshoe rubber sheet of paper is coated with a layer of carbon membrane. Among its resistance changes and the relationship between the contact position line and logarithm model and exponential 3 kinds. Carbon film encoder has several, large and small, miniature and switch together with switch encoder. Today for everyone to introduce carbon film encoder principle, characteristics of carbon membrane encoder carbon film encoder applications. Carbon film encoder on the same principle with ordinary carbon film encoder encoder are three pins, but in its internal and two of the pin is connected to the two different length of metal static, linked to the third pin are pieces of metal moving there are teeth in a week. When carbon film encoder rotation occurs four state; Carbon film encoder in horseshoe rubber sheet of paper is coated with a layer of carbon membrane. Carbon membrane resistance changes of the encoder and the relationship between the contact position have exponential, linear and logarithmic type 3 kinds. Carbon film coder is divided into micro, small and large three, together with some and switch switch of the encoder. Features: carbon film encoder, wide range of resistance. Second, the temperature coefficient and sliding large noise. There are many different kinds of three, varieties and applications. Four, easy production, low price. Five, the resolution is high. Six, can be made into various types of encoder. Seven, long service life. Carbon membrane encoder application fields of carbon membrane encoder generally used in medical equipment, mixer, toys, audio, car audio, power amplifier, radio, DVD/VCD, TV sets, electronic message device, headphones, lamps and other related electronic digital and electronic devices. Shanghai electronic products specializing in the production of encoder for 27 years, specializing in the production of various kinds of rotary encoder, switch, encoders, straight and smooth encoder, rocker encoder, take the motor encoder, etc. Full, encoder type can be perfect to replace brand encoder, both at home and abroad can contact customer service to replace the product details! Can provide customers with a axis type, long axial length and working parts, shaft sleeve type, long sleeves, the resistance and its linear error values, professional custom, looking for looking for electronic encoder manufacturers.
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