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absolute single turn encoder ssi

absolute single turn encoder ssi


absolute single turn encoder ssi

We , HENGXIANG encoder manufactuer, can provide a full ranges of absolute optical encoders,with original HENGXIANG brand encoders.

we could provide absolute encoder with maximum durability for applications which requires a high strength. The non-contact sensor design is superior because it does not rely on sensitive optics or plastic gears.

Single-turn rotary shaft encoders, which are designed for long lasting, reliable performance. 

Also multi-turn rotary absolute shaft encoders are designed for conomical, can be used in cost sensitive applications and requires for a better reliability.

Both single turn and multi-turn absolute encoders are allow to work under power off to record position informations.


inlcuding single-turn and multi-turn absolute otical encoders in different shaft styles, blind hollow bore, and thru-bore.

- Support BISS-C, SSI, RS485.

- 5-24 bits can expanded to 32bits for Single-turn, 17-24 bits for Multi-turn.

- Solid Shaft φ6-10mm, Hollow Shaft φ6-40mm.

- IP50/IP65

If you would you to get the lastest catalog of our absolute single turn encoder ssi

Pls freely contact us

we have varies of dimensions for your options.

and if you have any doubts on model selecting for absolute single turn encoder ssi

we could also offer free technical supporting.

contact us via heng@shhxgd.cn, 

or add whatsapp +86 18616883327,


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