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absolute encoder through hole 16 bit

absolute encoder through hole 16 bit


absolute encoder through hole 16 bit

regarding our absoluite encoder hollow shaft encoder, 

the main feature is :

Easy Installation

High standard Quality

Absolute with SSI/RS485/Biss-C Outputs, 

Encoder with cable or connector, vairous types to be selected

Through hole shaft ranges from 6mm to 40mm

 Here are some basic information of this type of absolute encoder:

MPN35 Absolute encoder (Through shaft)


  • MPN35 is an ultra-thin, micro-compact, mechanical flexible connection designwith high precision absolute optical encoder, capable of outputting 24Bits ofsingle-turn position information. The product is compact, highly integratedand easy to install, which can solve the installation problemsin limited space and with low requirements for the shaft installation.

  • Feature:External diameter @35mm (Mounting flange @44.2mm),Thickness 16.2mm,Hollow shaft up to @8mm;

  • Concentric shaft ring locking structure;

  • Adopt non-contact photoelectric reflective principle;

  • Interface: BiSS C or SSl;Accuracy: +80":

  • Resolution up to 24Bits;

  • Application :Servo motor, robot and other industrial automations.

  • Connection:Radial socket (8P SMO8B-GHS-TB)Radial cable (length 1000mm).

  • Protection:IP50

  • Weight:about 70g

If you would like to get the latest catalog and price list, freely contact us at heng@shxhgd.cn or whatsapp/tel:+86 1861688 3327 



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