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absolute encoder hollow shaft rotary encoder 12 mm

absolute encoder hollow shaft rotary encoder 12 mm


absolute encoder hollow shaft rotary encoder 12 mm

All the hollow through shaft absolute encoders made by WE,  Shanghai Hengxiang Optical Electronics Co.,Itd, they can provide an actual position value. 

The rotary encoder can be carried by the hollow shaft structure or solid shaft structure.

 the hollow shaft encoder type, will be supported with a set of strong spring palte, which is made of steel or a fixing stainless steel.

There are various options for hollow shaft absolute encoder type, for example, outer diameter from 38mm to 80mm

the inner shaft diameter from 6mm to 40mm

the interface of the absolute encoder contains, Parallel, SSI,Biss-C,Gray code, Binary code

What's more, our engineer team is working on CAN/Modbus type and multi interface interface type.

the resolution of the hollow shaft absolute encoder, can be at least 5 bits to 32bit, in an accuracy of ±80”,can be even higher for different applications.

here is a simple introduction of KJ50 Seire absolute encoder hollow shaft rotary encoder 12 mm

More options are waiting here!



1.Absolute Type-Parallel output (Hollow shaft,Thru-hole & Blind-hole)

11 Introduction:

KJ50 is an economic universal hollow shaft designit is compact,sturdy,high safety,and commonly usedin industrial automations

1.2 Feature:

  • Encoder external diameter @51mm、thickness 39mm 

  • diameter of shaft up to @15mm;

  • Adopt non-contact photoelectric principle:

  • Multiple electricalinterfaces available:

  • Gray code parallel output absolute position information;

  • Resolution per turn up to 12Bits(4096)

13 Application:Textile, packaging, motor, elevator, CNC and otherautomation control fields.

1.4 Connection:

。Radial cable(STD length 1000mm)

。Radial socket(M23*1 16P Male-connector)

Radial cable with plug (STD length 1000mm,Plug M16F-16K)

1.5 Protection:IP50 &IP65

1.6 WeightAbout 310g


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