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22bit encoder absoloute

22bit encoder absoloute


22bit encoder absoloute

In this article, you will learn how our Hengxiang encoder can withstand the harsh industrial environment, 

and provide you with a simple programming solution to generate position, angle and rotation counting information, achieve safety functions, assist in rotation, and record linear motion. 

You can rest assured that HENGXIANG has an encoder suitable for your application, as shown below:

  • Incremental encoder

  • Sine cosine encoder

  • Absolute encoder

Talking about the 22bit encoder absoloute , our MPB55 can meet all the parameters accordingly.
Absolute encoder (Through shaft)  


MPB55 is a mechanical flexible mounting flate design,high precision absolute optical encoder, capable of outputting32Bits of single-turn position information and reading upto 24Bits of multi-turn position information.The product is compact, highly integrated and easy toinstall, which can solve the installation problems ofusers in limited space.


  • External diameter @55mm,Thickness 16mm,

  • Hollow shaft up to 24mm;Concentric shaft ring locking and unique flexible spring plate mounting structure ;

  • Adopt non-contact photoelectric reflective principle;Interface: BiSS C or SSl;

  • Accuracy: 120”;Resolution up to 24Bits (expanded up to 32Bits);

  • Support multi-turn data recording under the condition of no power lost.the maximum recording is 24 Bits.

  • Application:Servo motor, robot and other industrial automations.

  • Connection:Radial socket (8P SMO8B-GHS-TB).

  • Radial cable (length 1000mm).

  • Protection:IP50

  • Weight:about 150g

If you would like to get the latest catalog and price list, freely contact us at heng@shxhgd.cn or whatsapp/tel:+86 1861688 3327  



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