1 minute understanding of encoder types and how to select the encoder

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
The encoder is mainly used in what areas? The encoder plays the role of what? Encoder is widely used in the electronic components market, such as aeromodelling bent feet, electric toys, car audio, car amplifier, power tools, electronic instruments, radios, radio, microphone, small home appliances, audio amplifier, instruments and meters, adjustable LED lighting, the middle-grade headset and mechanical equipment, and other fields, the encoder mainly play a regulating, thermal control, dimming and control of motor speed, adjustable frequency, time, etc. The types of the encoder? Encoder types are many, such as adjusting mode according to the points of sliding type encoder and rotary encoder; According to utility cent type, precise, fine-tuning, power and special; Moreover according to the contact points and contact encoder and non-contact encoders. The term has a rotary encoder, rocker encoder, Spain encoder, dial encoder, straight sliding encoder, fine-tuning the encoder, glass glaze preset encoder and so on. Encoder based on resistance change law of linearity and you can have A exponential linear, linear linear B, C logarithm linear. How to select appropriate encoder? Choose appropriate encoder we must follow the following principles: 1, in high frequency, high stability, is the occasion; Choose film encoder; 2, the change situation of voltage uniform demand, choose linear encoder; 3, volume control, appropriate chooses exponential encoder; 4, requiring high density, how to choose line around the encoder; 5, requiring high resolution, choose all kinds of non line around the encoder, circle fine-tuning encoder; 6, the common applications, choose carbon film encoder. Shanghai electronics factory, 25 years old encoder with complete encoder multiple-choice, our factory has many years of experience in research and development production, such as have choose the question, can inquire us. Looking for looking for electronic encoder manufacturers.
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