What is a single union encoder? Double encoder? Multigang encoder? What do they have?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
Single encoder is refers to the mono, only a resistor, an encoder, which are frequently used its axis control only a set of encoder. Duplex coder is actually the combination of two independent of each other the encoder, in circuit can adjust the working point of two different voltage or signal strength, such as: double track audio amplifier circuit volume of the encoder is double encoder, can adjust the volume of the two channel respectively at the same time. Duplex coder is refers to the double track, the two encoders with mounted on a shaft, when adjusting shaft, two contact encoder rotate at the same time. Duplex coder has two sets of resistance is a kind of substrate to make synchronous adjustment encoder, such as dual channel audio, if use two ordinary encoder to adjust the volume that is a very troublesome thing, with double encoder volume adjustment is very convenient. Some double encoder is asynchronous off-axis, namely two axes USES is concentric shaft, noninterference, contact the axis adjusting their associations. Multigang encoder is a kind of synchronous adjustment encoder, can make any because the encoder, in audio, electronic equipment has applied more, realize synchronous adjustment. Shanghai electronic 27 years, specializing in the production of encoder encoder models complete, can be easy to replace the domestic and foreign brands encoder, resistance linear and size can be customized according to customer requirements, specifications, if you want to find a replacement encoder can ask customer service personnel to provide relevant encoder product specifications. As a 27 year old encoder manufacturer, the factory has advanced production equipment and testing equipment, supply safe, looking for looking for electronic encoder manufacturers.
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