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weatherproof hollowshaft encoder

weatherproof hollowshaft encoder


weatherproof hollowshaft encoder

As we are professional rotary encoder since 2001, our Shanghai Hengxiang Optical Electronics Co.,Itd can p

rovide a series of encoders,

including incremental encoder, absolute encoder and sincos encoder.

Meanwhile, of course we can supply the weatherproof hollowshaft encoder type at the same time.

the protection level is quite high for a outdoor encoder

in this way, the sealing of the encoder must be especially designed and produced.

Here listed some basic informations of the weatherproof hollowshaft encoder

Incremental Type (Hollow shaft、through hole)

  • Feature: All made of stainless steel, properly work under extremely low temperature,dust-proof & water-poofdue to high protection level IP67 extra-thin and easy to install 

  • Application: textileindustry,motor,packing machinery,production line,etc,for auromation control

  • External dimensions: external diameter @50mm,thickness 27mm,

  • diameter of shaft@10mm;@12mm;@14mm;@15mm(optional)

  • Resolution: up to 10000P/R

  • Supply voltage: DC5V; DC8-30V

  • Protection:IP67

  • Cable length:1000mm

  • Weight: about 150g

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email address is heng@shhxgd.cn, 

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