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TRD-MX360VD incremental (quadrature) encoder

TRD-MX360VD incremental (quadrature) encoder


TRD-MX360VD equivalent rotary encoder 

incremental (quadrature) encoder,

 light duty, 5 VDC, axial, 

line driver (differential) output, 360 ppr, 

4mm solid shaft, 1in diameter body, IP50, 

6.5ft/2m cable length, pigtail.

can be totally replaced with our S25 Series solid shaft incremental rotary encoder.

you can use our replacement S25 encoder directly, same simple and same installation method as the original.

 the solid shaft diameter, resolution(PPR or bit), output circuit singal type, outlet cable length or even supply voltage ranges can be all be customized in a low cost.

Pls contact us if any need or technical supprt can be consulted with our engineer.

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