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The encoder type parameters and selection of the encoder

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
Rotary encoder which respects parameters selection should refer to? Today electronic respectively to explain incremental rotary encoder type selection parameters selection and absolute rotary encoder, hope to help everyone to work on. Incremental rotary encoder type selection of parameters and incremental rotary encoder parameters selection considerations should focus on the following three aspects: 1. Machinery installation size, including positioning seam allowance, trunnion, mounting holes; Cable wire way; Installation space volume; Work environment protection grade whether meet the requirements. 2. Resolution, that is, each lap of the output pulse encoder work, using precision whether meet the design requirements. 3. Electrical interface, the encoder output way has a push-pull output (common F type HTL format) The output voltage, ( E) , open collector ( C, C for common NPN output, C2 for PNP tube output) Long-term drive output. Its means of output should match the interface circuit of the control system. Type absolute rotary encoder type selection of parameters and absolute rotary encoder selection considerations should focus on for parameters of the mechanical and electrical parts are as follows: 1. Mechanical parts: (1) measuring the length and Angle measurement, the measurement of length by mechanical way transformation. Measuring Angle is 360 degrees ( Lap) , or may have 360 degree ( More rings) 。 Production process is a direction of rotation cycle to work, or work direction cycle back and forth. (2) shaft connection installation form, type shaft through a flexible shaft coupling, or shaft sleeve type connection. (3) using the environment: dust, moisture, shock, impact? 2. Electrical part (1) connect the output of the receiving part (2) signal form (3) the resolution demands (4) control on the selection of the absolute type rotary encoder and the parameters of the focus on incremental rotary encoder and the matters needing attention are different, if you have any question, welcome to discuss, and electronic Shanghai electronic products co. , LTD. Is specialized in research and development production of rotary encoder, 25 years is rotary encoder providers, willing to discuss with everybody rotary encoder technical knowledge.
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