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The difference between precision and resolution of the encoder and relationship

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
Many friends confused about the difference between precision rotary encoder and rotary encoder resolution and relationship, today electronic and these two concepts, for example, to give you, the hope can help you. What is accuracy? So-called 'precision' is used to describe the accuracy of the quantities, accuracy of response is the error between measured values and the real value. What is the resolution? The so-called 'resolution' is used to describe the scale division, the reaction is produced in the process of numerical reading can read the smallest change of the value. As an example to illustrate the difference of accuracy and resolution? Such as scale, a common range scale to 10 cm, with 100 scale, the minimum can actually read the effective value of 1 mm. So we say that the resolution of the ruler is 1 mm, he can only read 1, 2, 3, 4100 such values; And its accuracy is not actually, because use this ruler read 2 mm, we didn't know he is the real value of absolute error between the 2 mm. And when we use fire to bake it, and make it a long, and then look at it again. We is not hard to find, it still has 100 scale, so it 'resolution' or 1 mm, just like the original! However, its accuracy obviously has changed. For the encoder, the 'resolution' in addition to the related with the scribed line number, also due to the influence of electrical signal change, it is adjustable and controllable, it can change, with the subdivision of the signal segment ratio is higher, the smaller the resolution, but multiple segment is higher, the introduction of more the greater the error. And precision, more biased towards the mechanical aspects of a product produced, after he has fixed the accuracy of the basic ( Some of the high precision products can compensate, etc) to improve the precision of signal , this value is through testing, it with the work of the product, material and so on comprehensive performance is closely linked, we concluded by computing a concrete numerical value as the basis of precision, most can only be used to judge the accuracy of the process quality. For example, to 13 bit, its absolute position encoder number is: 8192, are: calculate the corner of the resolution of 158 seconds, that is to say, when reading the numerical requirements between numerical beat is 158 seconds, if you want to read the first value is 0, the value of the second read more than 158, to less than 158, we need to choose a smaller resolution. When this value is to read 158, as a result of the existence of error, is not likely to get an absolute 158 seconds, encoder read out 158 seconds and absolute error between the real 158 seconds, it depends on the precision. Thus, precision is the basis of the relative resolution up to negotiate. But that is not the segmentation to get the resolution of the small is better, because the segmentation will introduce error and expand, excessive segment will not be able to guarantee accuracy! How many times the segmentation, can do how many times the subdivision, premise must be on the basis of guarantee the accuracy, because before use invisibility and high precision subdivision is irresponsible. Encoder quality is higher, the better the scribed line, signal quality, the better, subdivided error generation is smaller, the affected by the comprehensive performance of an encoder. So, that's why under the same parameters, the encoder have high low price. , for example, we want to read the value of 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, I want to choose at least one unit, the resolution of the choice of the resolution of the two units is obviously not, because we read this value is 1, 2 was read out, in choosing a resolution on the basis of 1 unit, we read out 1 and real absolute error is accuracy. Machine tool numerical control system for direct grating is the resolution Settings, need to read the numerical interval is less than the resolution, the machine may shake or wrong, and so on. For absolute type belt incremental encoder signal, able to accurately keep the absolute position of serial transmission value and incremental synchronization, the absolute value exactly corresponds to a incremental signals, location value must be within a sinusoidal periodic increment signal. Again such as absolute type 13, with 512 lines of incremental signal, absolute position interval of 158 seconds, if you want to read two a location in the middle of the encoder position is not suitable, however, we can through to the belt 1 VPP incremental signal subdivision, such as segmentation, 100 times is equivalent to between two absolute position and introduces several position after the segmentation, we can on the basis of the absolute position value, through calculating the incremental pulse number of subdivided and read a location between two absolute position values, such as: line segmentation, 100 times 512 absolute position 1 value is 0, absolute position 2 value is 158, then read the position between the two positions can be in position 1: many a pulse on the basis of the number 0 is 25, two is 25 x2 = 50 but with increment of absolute encoder signal itself is without segmentation, which requires the user to subdividing incremental signal processing on its own. All in all a good horse matchs good saddle, deserve to go up on a good product must be high quality rotary encoder, the stand or fall of material determines the accuracy of the rotary encoder and the performance of the product you stable. Shanghai electronic products co. , LTD. , specializing in the production of rotary encoder, 25 years, has reached more than seventy thousand kinds of specifications. Products are widely used in automotive electronics, home audio, multimedia, mixer, interphone, electronic toys, household, aerospace, military industry and other fields. With 25 years of professional experience, become national standards unit. Brand products became some of the world famous enterprises designated products. Customers throughout the world, the product has been, SAMSUNG, SANYO, PANASONIC, TCL, MICROSOFT, rambler, chaoyang, FORYOU, Huayang gm) Desai, navigation, west wei, song, backgammon, galanz, midea and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad. Look forward to win-win cooperation with you!
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