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textile machinery spare parts

textile machinery spare parts


textile machinery spare parts

Our encoder products can be used on precision engineering textile components, such as precision engineering spare parts for textile machinery, 

providing our customers with many advantages such as accuracy, flexibility, standardization, etc. 

With a well-established infrastructure and an experienced professional team, we have the ability to develop standard and customized products based on the specific job requirements of our customers. 

Our product range includes incremental encoders, encoder encoders, etc., with complete models, affordable prices, and fast delivery times.

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Here are some details of the textile machinery spare parts:

Incremental Type (Solid shaft)

  • Feature: small,compact configuration,durable

  • Application: subminiature motor,small instrument,etc,for automation contro

  • External dimensions: external diameter @30mm,thickness 30mm,diameter of shaft

  • Resolution: up to 2500P/R

  • Supply voltage: DC5V; DC8-30V

  • Protection:IP50

  • Cable length:1000mm

  • Weight: about 60g

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textile machinery spare parts

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