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RS485 protocol, supply 12v, optical absolute encoder

RS485 protocol, supply 12v, optical absolute encoder


RS485 protocol, supply 12v, optical absolute encoder

with thicness 30mm, inner hollow shaft min .20mm, and exteral diameter max 58mm

accoridng to the description, our KM58 Series can meet all the requirement.

here is the brief introduction of the KM58 Series encoder, RS485 protocol, supply 12v, optical absolute encoder

KM58 Absolute encoder (Through shaft)


KM58 is a through shaft rugged design with IP65 protectionhigh precision photoelectric absolute encoder, capable ofoutputting 24Bits of single-turn position information,expandable up to 32Bits, can read up to 24Bits of multi-turnposition information. The structure is sturdy and durable.

  • Feature:External diameter @58mm、thickness 30mm、diameter of shaft up to @25mm.Ring locking with shaft, flexible spring plate mounting.Adopt non-contact photoelectric reflection principle.Interface: BiSS C or SSl.Accuracy:土200”.SIngle-turn resolutlon of 24Blts ls expandable up to max 32Blts.Support multi-turn data recording without power failure,the maximum recording is 24 Bits.

  • Application:Digital control, servo motor,robot and other industrial automations.

  • Connection:Radial socket(M12x1 8pin male connector)Radial cable(standard length 1000mm)

  • Protection:IP65

  • Weight:about 180g


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