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Navigation don't use the phone! ! ! Scott and jaguar land rover group CP!

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-04
23, and jaguar land rover China gold group co. , LTD. In Beijing held a 'high-end piloting the worm' conference, announced more high-end Internet navigation screen interaction, cooperation in the field of car networking. The product will be starting on the 2016 jaguar XJ models. Bring 2016 jaguar XJ let's feel the navigation under jing! ! ! ! There are 4 screens, which located in the dashboard, instrument panel and the front seat back ( The rear screen) 。 Four screen, can be independently provide navigation information or position query service, also can control by sitting in the back of the bully the President: direct send navigation location is a key to the dashboard and ipc screen in front of the driver. Bring about control screen to bring the front seats will bring back screen navigation information is sent to the driver on the back can adjust the front seats is not what, do not drive also can control route is the true cow B bring dashboard screen full-screen mode bring give way, it is said that gold maps to avoid congestion function can be saved by Beijing users every month 700 years to bring real-time display information bring real-time display - parking Spaces Oil prices, however, the navigation is not everyone can so cool ~ nearly two years, with the rapid development of smart phones, drivers for mobile navigation love better! Although there are thousand good mobile navigation, but has a great potential safety hazard! Do you know? 'accident investigation police remind the drivers' cell phone use in normal driving, especially the one hand to take phone, used to shift the other hand, two hands are bound to appear at the same time from the steering wheel for a short time, this is a very dangerous behavior. Make a phone call or a head-down navigation cell phones are very common driving habits, will bring great threat to drive. Glance at the mobile phone is equal to the blind open 3 seconds of hunan highway police released a set of data: exceed 6 into a net friend looking down while driving, and driving to see mobile phones accident probability is from 23 times. , according to glance at the cell phone while driving will need at least 3 seconds, in other words, is also take a look at the mobile phone is equal to the blind open for 3 seconds, if the vehicle running at the speed of 60 km, in front of the need to meet the emergency brake, the braking distance is at least 20 meters, if you look at the cell phone while driving, once, there is an emergency braking distance get bigger, the consequences will be unimaginable. If you have the electronic warn broad, driving is the most important is safe, cherish life, away from your mobile phone while driving! Although our existing navigation still exist the following problems: low map type single low without constantly upgrade low update cycle is long road maintenance complex but believe soon navigation will solve these problems, bring us more convenient service!
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