Incremental encoder needs attention before and after use

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
Incremental rotary encoder, as a kind of commonly used industrial auxiliary measuring device is widely used, so, how can we use the incremental encoder? Today, rotary encoder 25 years production experience of electrons from the selection to use to tell everyone about the correct use of the method of incremental encoder. 1. Type selection based on incremental rotary encoder: focus on incremental encoder resolution of differences. Miniature dc planetary geared motor, using each lap measure, the number of pulses produced from 6 to 5400 or higher, pulse number, the more the higher the resolution; This is one of the important basis for selection. 2. Incremental rotary encoder to use note: usually have three way signal output ( Difference have all signal) :一,TGPP10 - N60, B and Z, generally USES the TTL level, A pulse in the former, pulse in the B, A, B, pulse is 90 degrees, micro motors, each lap sends A Z pulse, mechanical zero can be used as A reference. General use advanced B or lead to A, B to look at the shape of the incremental encoder instructions before use. 3. Incremental rotary encoder using PLC to collect data, can choose high speed counting module; Using industrial computer data, can choose high speed counting board; Using single chip microcomputer to collect data, it is suggested that chooses input port with photoelectric coupler. 4. Suggest using incremental rotary encoder pulse do consequent (B The forward) Do the reverse pulse, A pulse ( Backward) Pulse, Z origin zero pulse. 5. Incremental rotary encoder to set up the counting line in the electronic device. 6. Incremental rotary encoder installation considerations: first is the installation site, before installing the equipment should pay attention to the corresponding measures, in the process of installing encoder circuit connection between, in particular, need to maintain the best condition, at the same time pay attention to during the installation process robustness. Type in a word, using incremental rotary encoder needs to pay attention to some details, before and after the installation is completed in a timely manner to debug, prevent in the actual operation process, the influence of corresponding data processing.
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