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How to select the precision of rotary encoder? Will affect the accuracy and resolution of the encoder?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
We usually need to know when choosing rotary encoder to choose how much is the precision of the encoder, today we choose precision rotary encoder is to get to know how to calculate? And will affect the accuracy and resolution of the encoder? Rotary encoder accuracy how to calculate? The precision of the encoder is refers to the encoder output signal data and measured error and accuracy of the quantity of real data. Encoder accuracy of computation can be divided into: absolute and relative. Absolute type output characteristic is not to need to counter, direct digital output. Every light every code word can generate a single number, the more code word, the higher resolution. Relative type is the output of the pulse, need through the counter count to determine the Angle of rotation, its simple and higher resolution than absolute encoder type, usually 3 barcode, A, B and ZCOM side ( ”- - - 'the end) Connected to each other, the power end with A '+' end connection of A and B ( Pulse output) Connect the PLC high-speed counter side, to pay attention to the response time of the PLC input connection. Some rotary encoder and a shielding line, shielding wire to be used when the grounding. Encoder accuracy calculation formula: wheel circumference ( mm) ÷ The resolution of the encoder ( P / R) × The gear ratio =? How many mm mm/P P/R: send a Pulse Pulse/Run Pulse number/circle, each circle from many Pulse circumference = diameter & Phi; × PI 3. 14 what will affect the accuracy and resolution of rotary encoder? For the encoder, the 'resolution' in addition to the related with the scribed line number, also due to the influence of electrical signal change, it is adjustable and controllable, it can take a segment of the signal and change, segment ratio is higher, the smaller the resolution, but multiple segment is higher, the introduction of more the greater the error. And precision, more biased towards the mechanical aspects of a product is produced out, after he has fixed the accuracy of the basic ( Some high precision products, such as precision for progress to compensate the signal can be) , this value is through testing, it with the work of the product, material and so on comprehensive function is closely linked, we calculated to draw a detailed numerical value as the basis of precision, most can only be used in the process of judging the stand or fall of precision. 13 bits, for example, for its absolute position encoder number is: 8192, are: calculate the corner of the resolution of 158 seconds, that is to say, when reading the numerical requirements between numerical beat is 158 seconds, if want to read the first value is 0, the value of the second read more than 158, to less than 158, we need to choose a smaller resolution. When this value is to read 158, because of the existence of the error, is not likely to get the absolute 158 seconds, encoder read out 158 seconds and absolute error between the real 158 seconds, it depends on the precision. So, accuracy, talk about is the basis of the resolution. Not get smaller, the better the resolution of the the segmentation, due to the segment will introduce error and expand, excessive segment will not be able to guarantee accuracy! How many times the segmentation, can do how many times the subdivision, conditions need to be on the basis of the guarantee accuracy, due to the invisibility of accuracy before use high subdivision is irresponsible. Encoder quality is higher, the better the scribed line, signal quality, the better, subdivided error generation is smaller, which affected by a comprehensive function of the encoder, which is why would under the same parameters, there will be a different brand, different price of the encoder. , for example, we want to read the value of 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, I want to choose at least one unit, the resolution of the choice of the resolution of the two units is obviously not, because we read this value is 1, 2 is read out, in choosing a resolution on the basis of 1 unit, we read out 1 and real absolute error is accuracy. Machine tool numerical control system for direct grating is the resolution Settings, need to read the numerical distance is less than the resolution, the machine may shake or mistakes, etc. For absolute type belt incremental encoder signal, able to accurately keep the absolute position of serial transmission value and incremental synchronization, the absolute value to develop the corresponding to an incremental signals, location value must be within a sinusoidal periodic increment signal. Such as absolute type 13, with 512 line increment of signal, the absolute position distance is 158 seconds, if you want to read two encoder position differences is the one place in the middle of fitness, however, we can through to the belt 1 VPP incremental signal subdivision, such as segmentation, 100 times is to match between the two absolute position and introduces several position after the segmentation, we can on the basis of the absolute position value, through the calculation of the incremental pulse number after segmentation and read a location between two absolute position values, such as: line segmentation, 100 times 512 absolute position 1 value is 0, absolute position 2 value is 158, then read the position between the two positions can be in position 1: many a pulse on the basis of the number 0 is 25, two is 25 x2 = 50 but with increment of absolute encoder signal itself is without segmentation, which requires the user to subdividing incremental signal processing on its own. 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