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encoder rs485

encoder rs485


encoder rs485

As far as we known, there are many types of absolute encoder in the market.

the absolute type encoders work with many kinds of comminication interface, such as SSI, Biss-C, CAN, 4-20mA, and pofinet interfaces to choose.

do you know the exact meaning of each communication interface?

for example, do you know what is RS485 communication interface, and how could we connect the RS485 absolute encoder to the controller for a better commication.

and what can we do to  imporve the quality and shorten the installtion and adjusting period?

If you have doubts on such question?

You may contact us, we have very professional engineer team, in this way, we can try to solve your problems together and save your time and money.

This is not all what  we can do now.

Next, we will give a short introduce of  what is RS485 absolute encoder:

RS485 absolute encoder is a general name for encoders that the outpout signals through the RS485 communication interface for the absolute encoder.

 The RS485 protocol is a standard commication interface  which defines the electrical characteristics of the driver and receiver in a balanced digital multipoint system. The standard is defined by the Telecommunications industry Association and the Electronics Industry Aliance. Digital communication networks using this standard  transmit signals under lona-distance conditions and in environments with high electronic noise. RS485 makes t possible to connecto the ocal network and the confuration of mult-branch communication links, The electrical interface with RS485 protocol can be connectedto PLC for intelligent control.

 Support BISS-C, SSI, RS485.

- 5-24 bits can expanded to 32bits for Single-turn, 17-24 bits for Multi-turn.

- Solid Shaft φ6-10mm, Hollow Shaft φ6-40mm.

- IP50/IP65

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