Common faults of rotary encoder and the solutions

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
Rotary encoder with its unique advantage occupied the market, we need in the process of using overview of common faults of rotary encoder, such ability can better meet the demand of our production use. The main problem of rotary encoder ( A) Encoder in the rotation process can appear sometimes the phenomenon of leakage detection, like most of the this kind of problem is caused by a software problem, usually MCU of detection for a long time, too fast will lead to leakage detection, the solution is to shorten the query test interval. The main problem of rotary encoder ( 2) The encoder in use process will meet sometimes twisted two times to respond to the phenomenon, this kind of problem is mostly due to hardware network connect error. The main problem of rotary encoder ( 3) Encoder rotation is not flexible, is used in the process of the operation of encoder is coaxial operation way, so there will be the status of the rotation is not flexible, so is the phenomenon of which leads to the occurrence of this phenomenon? General because at the time of installation equipment and cohesion between shaft lubrication appear some problems, or because internal shaft inside some dust or some impurities affect the encoder shaft running. Appear this kind of situation usually use is measure is to be placed on a small amount of gasoline, this will help to change the encoder. The main problem of rotary encoder ( 4) Encoder poor contact, divided into two kinds of conditions, one is a lack of internal spring of elastic appeared, the second is to elicit feet and appeared a poor contact between carbon film layer, both conditions can free repair measures, such as insufficient spring elasticity can take down measures, improve the elasticity of the spring. If it is a poor contact condition, can use the corresponding tools to the various parts of internal tightening measures to enhance cohesion between various components of sensitivity. In short, common faults of rotary encoder has a lot of, for users to choose the appropriate rotary encoder manufacturers is very important, while Shanghai electronics will be your best choice.
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