Carbon film encoder failure and testing methods

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
In the process of using carbon film encoder can sometimes appear some fault, today we are going to list several kinds of carbon film encoder faults, and analyzes the causes of failure, and tell you some solution to encoder failure, as well as the detection method of carbon film encoder. Several common carbon film encoder failure and the failure cause of rotational noise: 1, the carbon film encoder mainly appeared in the volume encoder, because often turn volume encoder. 2, carbon film encoder severe burn out due to over current fault: the burnt carbon film encoder. Adjust volume when the speaker will appear in the 'go' 'go, stop the noise will disappear when the carbon film encoder, it shows that the volume encoder rotation noise big problems. 3, internal carbon film encoder pin open circuit fault, then the volume encoder circuit doesn't work, for the carbon film encoder, silent failure may occur, or the volume of closed tightly. Carbon membrane solution to encoder failure carbon film encoder rotation noise big, is the biggest failure can be repaired by cleaning processing, the specific method is: Mr. Let pure alcohol cleaning fluid flow to the inside of the encoder carbon membranes, constantly rotating to turn the handle, is to make contact sliding on the carbon film, achieve the purpose of cleaning carbon film and contact. This cleaning can be performed under the condition of the electricity. It is important to note here, pure alcohol must be used. Turn and then turn the handle, audition noise size, guiding the noise disappeared. Specific how to make cleaning fluid flow on the carbon film? 1, for straight slide type: carbon film encoder should from the manipulation of the handle gap drip out. 2, for not: carbon film in from the outside, encoder can open potential shell again after cleaning. 3, in view of the pin has a larger crack encoder: natural drip out of the pin gap. 4, to turn the handle place has larger crack encoder: can turn from cracks in drip into the handle. Detection method of carbon film encoder a encoder, carbon membrane resistance measurement: the resistance measurement of carbon film encoder is divided into the road and release measurement. Because of general encoder pin with wire connected with the circuit on the circuit board, welding wire is more convenient, fault measured with release method, the measurement result is accurate enough. 1, measure the resistance between the two fixed pin. Its value should be equal to the nominal resistance on the encoder housing, far greater than or less than nominal value suggests that there is something wrong with the carbon film encoder. 2, test the change of resistance. Multimeter is ohm file corresponding range, a table bar moving piece, another table bar set piece, slowly rotating around carbon film encoder turned the handle, the pointer indicating resistance should be zero to the maximum, continuous change from maximum to zero again. Pointer deflection also should be continuous, which should not be a pointer to beat phenomenon. 2, carbon film encoder audition detection: this method is mainly used for volume tones of the encoder and the noise of the encoder failure detection. Make the circuit work status, and then turn around rotating carbon film encoder handle, let little contact sliding on the carbon film. Turns if the speakers have a 'go' 'through' voice, the carbon film encoder have big rotating noise fault, on the other hand, if there is no noise, is given to illustrate the basic good carbon film encoder. When using a general volume encoder or tone encoder toodles more or less also can appear after the rotation noise big fault, if it is due to move on contact friction between carbon film, carbon film damage, poor contact between the moving sheet and carbon film. Carbon film encoder after cleaning, the noise will disappear entirely, at this time, in order to reduce friction, best to drop into a drop of oil on the carbon film, this can also increase the service life of the encoder. In addition to the above methods, the use of carbon membrane encoder yes note also need to know. Shanghai electronic products specializing in the production of encoder for 27 years, specializing in the production of various kinds of rotary encoder, switch, encoders, straight and smooth encoder, rocker encoder, take the motor encoder, etc. Full, encoder type can be perfect to replace brand encoder, both at home and abroad can contact customer service to replace the product details! Can provide customers with a axis type, long axial length and working parts, shaft sleeve type, long sleeves, the resistance and its linear error values, professional custom, looking for looking for electronic encoder manufacturers.
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