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absolute encoders Shaft 10mm spindle encoder

absolute encoders Shaft 10mm spindle encoder


absolute encoders Shaft 10mm spindle encoder

SM39 Absolute encoder (Solid shaft)


SM39 is a solid shaft miniaturized design, high precision photoelectricabsolute encoder with mechanically output 24Bits of single-turn positioninformation,expandable up to 32Bits, 

and can read multi-turn positioninformation up to 24Bits, The structure is sturdy and durable.


  • External diameter @39mm、thickness 31.5mm、

  • diameter of shaft up to @10mm.

  • Compact and sturdy structure.

  • Adopt non-contact photoelectric reflection principle.

  • Interface: BiSS C or SSl.

  • Accuracy: 土120".

SIngle-turn resolutlon of 24Blts ls expandable up to maxlmum 32BIts.Support multi-turn data recording without power failure,the maximum recording is 24 Bits.

Application.Servo motor,robot and other industrial automations.

Connection:Cable connection (length 1000mm)


Weight:about 130g


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