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15mm hollow shaft encoder

15mm hollow shaft encoder


15mm hollow shaft encoder

We, Shanghai Hengxiang Optical Electronics Co.,Itd, one of the first mover for Rotary encoder business in China, started rotary encoder business from Year 2001

the core competitiveness is rotary encoder, and we bulit an very professional production line and stuffs offering high quality rotary encoder products in a very short time.

and our factory won over 35 patent of certifications of CE/ATC/ISO9001:2005/QMS authenticated/Rohs/Invention of patents...

Our Factory could offer a full ranges of sensor encoder, we provide fault forewarning to help you minimize down time.

As far as we known, customer who used encoder related downtime and cumbersome trouble-shooting costs industries over $400M a year. 

How much have you paid for the reduce.

here we srongly introduce the K58 series Hollow-Shaft Encoder, it can minimize troubleshooting efforts , in this way, you can get back up and running faster without frequent error reporting.

Incremental Type (Hollow shaft、through hole)

Feature: Thin type,sturdy and durable,optional various output mode,easy to installApplication: textile industry,motor,packing machinery,production line,etc,for auromation control

External dimensions: external diameter 058mm,thickness 24mm,

diameter of shaft@15mm;@16mm;18mm;@20mm;D22mm(optional)

Resolution: up to 28800P/R

Supply voltage: DC5V: DC8-30V



Weight: about 150g

our email address is heng@shhxgd.cn, 

or add our whatsapp +86 18616883327,

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