Working principle and method of regulating switch encoder

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
Switch, encoder as the name suggests is a encoder products with switch function, it's much more than normal encoder pin switch function, this article to introduce the working principle of the encoder with switch, switch, encoder applications, with switch encoder adjustment method. With switch working principle of the encoder with the resistance of the body has two fixed end switch encoder, shaft by manual adjustment or sliding handle, change the position of the moving contact on the resistor body, has changed the moving contact between as a fixed end resistance, so as to change the size of the voltage and current. Switch, the encoder is a kind of adjustable electronic components. It is formed by a resistor and a rotating or sliding system. When the resistance between two fixed electric shock, plus a voltage by rotating or sliding system change the location of the contact on the resistor body, between the fixed contact and moving contact can be a relationship with the moving contact position with a certain voltage. It is mostly used as a divider, then switch, the encoder is a four-terminal element. Is basically a slide rheostat switch, encoder, there are several kinds of style, commonly used in speaker volume switch and laser power size adjustment switch, the encoder is a kind of adjustable electronic components. With switch used in partial pressure in the application of the encoder variable resistor. On the resistance of the bare body, tightly holding up one or two movable metal contact. Contact position to determine the resistance between both sides and contact resistance. According to the material points wire wound, carbon film, solid core belt switch encoder; According to the output to the input voltage ratio and rotation Angle of the relationship between points and linear encoder switch ( A linear relationship) , function switch encoder ( A curve relationship) 。 Main parameters of resistance, tolerance, and rated power. Widely used in electronic devices, in sound and receiver for volume control. With switch encoder adjustment method with switch encoder adjustment method, the general in the device's circuit has the positive and negative symmetric power, first of all, when the center of the encoder when A sliding contact C to encoder end OUT of voltage output for + 12 v, on the contrary when the encoder center sliding contact C to encoder B OUT of voltage output for - end 12V。 Then the output of the encoder in the 0 - C ∞ The adjustment of the V range. Therefore encoder center sliding contact C to encoder B when the volume is the smallest, moreover is in the center of the encoder when A sliding contact C to encoder volume is biggest, finally for the encoder C to B will result in the phenomenon such as poor contact, resulting in the encoder to adjust the volume of closed tightly, and so on and so forth. Shanghai electronics is 27 years old encoder manufacturers, specializing in the production of various types with encoder switch. Research and development and production experience for many years, the encoder model complete, can perfect to replace both at home and abroad brand encoders, can according to customer needs to customize the encoder resistance, linear, handle and the size, the factory has advanced production equipment and testing equipment, quality goods easy! Looking for looking for electronic switch, encoder manufacturers.
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