Several common encoder

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
Encoder is a kind of common electronic components, the volume of the encoder is much bigger than the variable resistor, encoder appearance have greatly small, different shape, a variety of specific features of the encoder is different. Today give you a brief introduction of several common encoder shapes and features. 1. Rotary encoder single league: this is a circular structure of the encoder in the beginning, it has a metal handle, the handle length is different in different encoder, some very long, some principal is quite short. Turn the handle can be in the left and right Angle rotation. But not 360 degree rotation. The encoder is usually to pin 3, have a plenty of 4 pins, 4 is pick up shells with pin pin ( The grounding pin) , used for ground wire in the circuit, in order to eliminate the human body when adjust the encoder of dry properly. 2. Straight slide type single league encoder: this is a rectangle of the structure of the encoder. It has a with vertical control handle, the handle can only linear slide not turning, it led JiaoPian in lower part. 3. Rotary double encoder: it is similar to a rotary encoder single league, but it has two single encoder, each single league encoders feature the same. Turn with a handle to control two single encoder organization adjustment, each single league encoder has three pins. 4. Straight slide type duplex coder: it close to straight slide type single league encoder, it is composed of two single league encoder, with a switch control handle two single encoder organization adjustment, each single league encoder has three pins. 5. Straight slide type patch type encoder: straight slide type patch type encoder without pin, he compared with ordinary encoder volume smaller, mainly used in some small size of electronic appliances. 6. Rotary encoder patch type: rotary like ordinary rotary encoder, patch type encoder by turn adjusting electricity resistance. 7. Wire wound circle encoder, the encoder structure is different from ordinary encoder, the relatively large power, it can withstand the read and adjust the resistance when also can be greater than 360. 8. Precise encoder: precise encoder adjustment of high precision, commonly used in some precision circuits. 9. : switch, small encoder is often used to attract the controller, and it is attached to a power switch, the encoder started turning as on electric shock in the encoder switch point first, and then turns to the adjustment of the encoder. The encoder with switch also has a lot of kinds, such as the volume of the radio encoder and some bigger rotary encoder of the switch. With switch of encoder pin out two more than ordinary encoder and the two pin is power switch contact pin. Shanghai electronics is 27 years old coder manufacturer, specializing in the production of various types of encoder, rotary encoder, straight and smooth encoder, rocker encoder, switch, encoders, take the motor encoder, resistance, linear and encoder handle designs and sizes are available according to customer's demand to customize, encoder models complete, can perfect replacement brand encoder, both at home and abroad to find find electronic encoder manufacturers.
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