A common fault solution of on-board rotary encoder

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
To use on the car project, rotary encoder in its miniaturization, high performance, the characteristics of diversification, in the electronic components market increasingly rapid development, making more and more manufacturers to choose alternative rotary encoder using rotary encoder. On-board coder, in use process will appear some fault, the fault how can we solve it? Electronic today to tell everyone about the rotary encoder four common fault and the solution. First, the axis of rotation will be out of shape. This is generally due to installation fixed nut or lock the lock nut tighten too much of the encoder, here to suggestion is that after the nut lock shaft about LMM above higher than the surface of the nut. Second, rotation is not flexible. Is usually due to the shaft in the dust or oil thousands dead, this kind of situation can generally at the axis of a small amount of gasoline, suggested that drops of petrol while rotating shaft. Third, poor contact. Poor contact points of two kinds of circumstances, the first kind of reed elasticity is insufficient, the second is to elicit feet and poor contact between carbon film layer. In both cases are permitted to take to repair, the first kind of circumstance will nail and porn root appropriate to press, the second is to use pliers clamping will lead to the feet. Fourth, the clear warning meanings. When this happens need to replace the battery, if the reference point position memory loss, still must perform to return to the reference point operations. Above is an on-board rotary encoder in use four kinds of common failure, we can suit the solution in time. Shanghai electronic 25 years specializing in the production of rotary encoder, widely used in car audio, car air conditioning, car navigation products, we focus on specialized in 25 years, passed TS16949 quality system ISO9001 ISO14001 certification, quality reliable, experienced, vehicle-mounted rotary encoder is your supplier quality
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