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Rotary encoder welding matters needing attention

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
Rotary encoder is our electronic product design, a kind of commonly used adjustable encoder is widely applied in communication products intercom, car amplifiers, multimedia audio, intelligent household and so on electronic field, has the volume, the light intensity adjustment, menu selection, speed adjustment, temperature control, and so on. Today we want to know about the rotary encoder welding matters needing attention. Terminals in the welding of rotary encoder when soldering temperature is too high or long time may cause damage to the encoder. Pin type terminal welding should be at 235 ℃ & plusmn; Completion of 5 ℃, 3 seconds, the welding should be from the encoder frame 1. More than 5 mm, don't apply solder flow wear while welding circuit board; Welding line terminal welding should be at 350 ℃ & plusmn; 10 ℃, over 3 seconds. And terminal should prevent weight, otherwise easy to form bad touch. Rotary encoder, when welding the rosin ( Flux) Entering the height adjustment of the printer board properly, should prevent flux into internal encoder, otherwise would be a brush with resistance body touch bad, produce INT, noise is undesirable. Shanghai electronic 26 years, specializing in the production of rotary encoder encoder specifications complete, 26 years electronic always put quality as the first, percent of pass strict controls in 99. 3%, the steady production quality encoder, and constantly improve customer satisfaction, looking for a rotary encoder manufacturer is looking for electronic, trustworthy!
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