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Rotary encoder EB38D6-P4PR-1000

Rotary encoder EB38D6-P4PR-1000


Here we recommend you to use a few sample of our  S38 Seriers rotary encoder, 

it can be totally without no problem to replace with Rotary encoder EB38D6-P4PR-1000

the only diference between our S38 Rotary encoder and Rotary encoder EB38D6-P4PR-1000 is brand .

our brand is HENGXIANG,

if you are okay with the replacement encoder from our brand"HENGXIANG OPTICAL ENCODER"

Pls contact us through my email or online whatsapp

our email address is heng@shhxgd.cn, 

or add our whatsapp +86 18616883327, 

to get the latest catalog , datasheet, price list and pictures.

lead time is about 3 working days after placing order.

And the warranty period for encoders is 10 years, you may contact us if you faced anything in the future, for example, installtion issues, techincal problems, or PLC conection questions, etc.

you may always welcomed to us.

at the same time, below is some brieft introduce of our S38 rotary encoder.

1.S38 Incremental Optical Encoder (Solid shaft)

1.1 Introduction:

S38 is a small economic universal design, compact, sturdyhigh safety, and commonly used in industrial automations.

1.2 Feature:

Encoder external diameter @38mm、thickness 28mm .diameter of shaft up to @6mm;

Adopt non-contact photoelectric principle

Reverse polarity protection;.

Short circuit protection;

Multiple electrical interfaces available:

Resolution per turn up to 32768PPR.

1.3 Application:Textile, packaging, motor, elevator, CNC and otherautomation control fields.

1.4 Connection:

#Radial cable(standard length 1000mm).Axial cable (standard length 1000mm)

1.5 Protection:

IP50 & IP65

1.6 Weight:about 120g

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