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Is Hengxiang product supply chain complete?

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Shanghai Hengxiang Optical Electronics Co,ltd. is constructing the supply chain. We partner with reliable material suppliers. We establish a service system to provide after-sales service, delivery services and so on.
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Hengxiang always lead China's incremental encoder field. optical filters produced by Hengxiang is very popular in the market. The manufacturing processes of HENGXIANG encoder on elevator are strictly conducted. These processes include metal materials preparation, cutting, polishing, and mechanical assembly. The product is fully applicable in the most practical parts of our life.
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HENGXIANG intends to be a global Safety Light Curtain exporter. Call now!

Professional Customized Service Process
 We have the experience, capability and R&D resources to make any OEM/OEM encoder product! Ourfactory is an extremely versatile encoder manufacturer with the ability to bring your concepts and ideas intoviable computing solutions.




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