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How to purchase optical lens from our factory?

How to purchase optical lens from our factory?


How to place an order of optical lenses

As we may known, optical lenses have many application, such as the simple collection of the scaning of laser beams ,precise imaging and image transfer.

There are many basic kinds of optical lenses, including single lenses, cylindrical lenses and achromatic lenses .

Based on the various applications of different kind of optical lens,our HENGXIANG factory provides the lenses with materials of BK7,BK9, fused silica,infrared material(such as germanium, silicon,quartz and sapphire )

Here we listing some common types of optical lenses:

  1.  Plano-Convex Lens

  2. Double-convex Lens


  3. Cylindrical lenses


  4. Double-Concave Lens


  5. Plano-Concave Lens


  6. Achromatic Lenses - Doublet lenses


As soon as we known about the common types of the optical lenes, next, you need to provides the whole specications :1.

  1. Material:  BK7,BK9, fused silica,infrared material(such as germanium, silicon,quartz and sapphire )

  2. Design Wavelength: wavelength is the distance from one crest to another, or from one trough to another, of a wave (which may be an electromagnetic wave, a sound wave, or any other wave)  

  3. Dimensions; diameter and thickness

  4. The tolerance of the dimension

  5. Surface Quality:The surface quality of an optical component is an evaluation of the surface imperfections, such as scratches and pits, or digs, which may be caused during the manufacturing or handling process,such as 60/40,40/20 or 20/10.this is depends on your actually needs.

  6. Focal Length:focal length is the distance from the center of the lens to the principal foci (or focal points) of the lens, including front focal length and back focal length.

  7. Centration: The degree to which the optical axis of a lens and the mechanical axis of its mounting coincide, usually <3 arc minutes

  8. Clear Aperture: is defined as the diameter or size of an optical component that must meet specifications.The limited light-gathering area of an optical system.The area is normally restricted to an edge or outer surface of an individual component, according the the characteristic of different material, the clear aperture of its technique is also different, such as >80%, or >85%.,>90% or even >95%.

  9. Surface Irregularity:this always refers to any measured deviation of an optical surface from its intended shape, such as λ/4 λ/8. λ/10 or other paramters can be customzied.

  10. AR coating: is a type of optical Anti-Reflective coating applied to the surface of lenses and other optical elements to reduce reflection, customer should offer the transmission rate of the wavelength range and the coating type if you would like to make AR coating, we could offer regular AR coating and multi-layer coating in a high curve and ranges.

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