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How to place an order of optical filters?

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How to place an order of optical filters?

It is in common that an optical filter is a optical plane that selectively transmits light of different wavelengths, usually implemented as a glass plane or plastic device in the optical path, which are either coated in the bulk or have interference coatings.

Our HENGXIANG factory can offer many kinds of optical filters including color glass filter, neutural density filter, band pass filter, IR cut filter, IR pass filter, birefringent filter, interference filter, etc..

 1.For longpass filters: longpass filters are designed to have a sharp transition from reflection to transmission, making them ideal for various applications. Available in a variety of cut-on wavelengths, these filters are designed for fluorescence,order sorting applications, and Display. Eliminate stray light by creating custom bandpass filters when combined with shortpass filters . A single layer AR coating on the back surface enhances the overall efficiency of each filter.

2.Shortpass filters:Shortpass filters are designed to have a very sharp transition from transmission to reflection, making them extremely useful in a number of applications. Available in a variety of cut-off wavelengths, they are ideal for fluorescence applications, Display, separating spectral orders, and creating custom, efficient bandpass filters when combined with longpass filters. With an average transmission of 85% and a blocking optical density of 2.0, excellent contrast can be achieved in machine vision and gauging applications. A single layer AR coating on the back surface enhances the overall efficiency of each filter.

3.  Color Glass Filter:  its selective absorption in visible wavelength range, color glass filter will exhibit various color depending the glass type. Color glass filter provides an economical filter for various applications, such as camera filter, machine vision lens filters, industrial measurement, environment protection and so on.    

4.Birefringent Filter:this kind of optical filter is made by crystal quartz. It's used in the laser cavity for wavelength selection. We can provide different thickenss birefringent filter for our customer's laser applications.   

In a word, our HENGXIANG factory can provides a series of optical filters, and if you can offer the whole specifactions of the optical fitler you need, we will quote you in a very short time.

  1.  Substrate: H-K9L, UV Grade Fused Silica ,sapphire or any other optical material requested 

  2. Dimensions; diameter and thickness

  3. The tolerance of the dimension

  4. Surface Quality:The surface quality of an optical component is an evaluation of the surface imperfections, such as scratches and pits, or digs, which may be caused during the manufacturing or handling process,such as 60/40,40/20 or 20/10.this is depends on your actually needs.

  5. Surface Irregularity:this always refers to any measured deviation of an optical surface from its intended shape, such as λ/4 λ/8. λ/10 or other paramters can be customzied.

  6. Parallelism &Flatness:

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