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How to order germanium products from HENGXIANG factory?

How to order germanium products from HENGXIANG factory?


How to order germanium products from our HENGXIANG factory?

As you may find from our webpage, our HENGXIANG factory can provides a series of germanium products, such as germanium grain, germanium lenes, germanium window plate, germanium substrate, germanium stone,germanium powder, germanium ingot 

Competitive Advantage

1. Strict raw materials control: raw materials are all new and original bought from the source factory

2. Low heavy metal content: content of Mg, Al, Pb, As, Ni, Hg less than 1ppm

3. Customized packaging:packed by plastic vacuum bag

4. Quality Guarantee: If any quality problems, free replacement will be adopted

Characteristics of the our germanium products:

 Purified germanium is a 'p-type' semiconductor material. Conductivity depends largely on added impurities. Attacked by nitric acid and aqua regia, but stable in water, acids, and alkalies in absence of dissolved oxygen, low toxicity.

the resistivity of the germanium can be over 3000Ω or around 1000 Ω  for P type

the resistivity of the germanium can be 3-50Ω  for N type


germanium is mainly used as a semiconductor material for transistors. The first generation of semiconductors were based solely on germanium. However, most of today’s semiconductor production is based on silicon and germaniums use in electronics are in fibre-optic systems, infrared optics and in solar cell applications..

Substrate:  monocrystalline germanium, P shape or N shape

Dimensions; diameter and thickness

The tolerance of the dimension

Surface Quality:The surface quality of an optical component is an evaluation of the surface imperfections, such as scratches and pits, or digs, which may be caused during the manufacturing or handling process,such as 60/40,40/20 or 20/10.this is depends on your actually needs.

Surface Irregularity:this always refers to any measured deviation of an optical surface from its intended shape, such as λ/4 λ/8. λ/10 or other paramters can be customzied.

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