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How many new products are launched under branded angle encoder ?

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In every year, we launch many new products under the brand of Shanghai Hengxiang Optical Electronics Co,ltd., which includes angle encoder . It is crucial and a must to bring new products to the market, as it will help attract potential customers who are in the pursuit of quality and style. It may cost a lot to develop and update the product list, but we are fully supported by brand recognition. With a dedication to details, we manufacture new products in strict line with international standards, resulting in the boosting sales volumes of the product.
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Hengxiang is an industry leader in China's achromatic lens production. colored glass filters produced by Hengxiang is very popular in the market. The design principles of HENGXIANG sapphire glass window involve the following aspects. These principles include structural&visual balance, symmetry, unity, variety, hierarchy, scale, and proportion. The product is of superior quality that sets a new standard in the industry.
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The HENGXIANG brand has been cultivating the persistence of employees. Call now!

Professional Customized Service Process
 We have the experience, capability and R&D resources to make any OEM/OEM encoder product! Ourfactory is an extremely versatile encoder manufacturer with the ability to bring your concepts and ideas intoviable computing solutions.




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