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Can we arrange the shaft rotary encoder shipment by ourselves or by our agent?

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Based on the regulations of international trading, Shanghai Hengxiang Optical Electronics Co,ltd. agrees with the idea of delivering the rotary encoder by yourself or your designated agents. We will count the number of total products one by one and pack each of them well before giving them to you. If required, we would love to provide a commercial invoice. In this case, we can offer a relatively low price for you. However, all responsibilities and risks related to the products will be transferred to you once you confirm and receive the goods.
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Hengxiang Electronics is the world's popular encoder disk supplier. According to the material, Hengxiang's products are divided into several categories, and triangular prism lens is one of them. As we focus on the improvement of the quality, this product has been manufactured with high quality and stable performance. The product, providing a great probability for users, has an extensive application in the global market.
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HENGXIANG will adhere into the firm belief of being a global high resolution encoder exporter.

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