Working principle and function characteristics of rotating transformer is what

by:HENGXIANG     2020-12-04
Rotating transformer referred to as 'spin growing, is specially the electromagnetic design of high performance silicon steel laminated and enameled wire, compared with using photoelectric encoder technology, heat resistant, resistant to vibration. Impact resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance and so on even the poor working environment adaptability, thus widely used for the application of the weapon system conditions such as bad. It can according to the sine, cosine, linear function relation to corner is converted to electrical signal output, signal components used in automatic control system for operation, can buy now the trigonometric function operations, coordinate transformation, precise location, Angle of digital conversion, or data transmission, equal. Working principle of rotating transformer and ordinary transformer basic similar, the difference is that the original ordinary transformer, deputy while winding is relatively fixed, so the ratio of output voltage and input voltage is constant, and the original, deputy while rotating transformer winding is along with the relative position of the change in the angular displacement of the rotor, thus the output voltage change according to the rotor angular displacement, the size of the voltage amplitude of the output winding and the rotor Angle into sine, cosine function relation, or maintain a certain proportion relations, or a linear relationship within a certain range Angle and corner. Rotating transformer in synchronous servo system and digital servo system can be used to pass around the corner or electrical signals; In calculating device can be used for calculating function, also known as the solver. The effect of rotating transformer is through the relationship between the output voltage and rotor rotation Angle to reflect, mainly focused on the signal transformation to the requirement of rotating transformer performance, specific include: induction electric potential and the Angle of the change of the relationship between mouth _ can conform to the sine law; Function of error and the zero error is small, high precision and zero output voltage ( The residual voltage) Small; High working reliability, low dissipation, high efficiency. Rotating transformer generally have two poles windings and quadrupole winding structure. The poles windings of the stator and rotor rotating transformer has a pair of magnetic poles, four pole winding is each have two pairs of magnetic poles, it is mainly used for high precision detection system. Their winding embedded within their respective groove core respectively. Stator winding through fixed on the shell terminal leads directly. The derivation of the rotor winding with two different ways. According to the rotor winding way, the derivation of the two different rotating transformer is divided into a brush type and brushless type two kinds of structure forms. Application of rotating transformer is a kind of precise Angle, position and speed detection device, applicable to all use the rotary encoder rotating transformer, especially in high temperature, cold, damp, high speed, high vibration, rotary encoder cannot work normally. Recommended reading: dianzichangshi / 20180128624880. HTML editor: gt
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