Working principle and application field of switch encoder

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
Switch, the encoder is a common product of adjustable encoder, it convenient to practical additional switch space cost of choice for a control circuit, electronic belt today we know together with switch encoder. Adjustable encoder is a kind of electronic components, it is made up of a resistor body and system components of a rotating or sliding, shaft by manual adjustment or handle changed the position of the moving contact on the resistance, the change of dynamic contact resistance between as a fixed end and, to change the size of the circuit voltage or current. Switch, the working principle of the encoder switch, encoders, as a branch of the encoder, mainly on the basis of the original encoder to add a switch, which has an independent function of on-off control. This allows users to design the circuit and the appearance of the product. Function is more convenient and practical. Saves additional switch of space and cost, is the first choice for home appliances control circuit. Switch, characteristics and application fields of the encoder because of the characteristics of switch, encoders, can adjust the output current, voltage and can control the power supply. So the market is very extensive application. Commonly used products: lamp dimming, fan speed control, heater temperature, electric oven, humidifier, electric water heater, electric sprayer is required to adjust current voltage to control the power can be used again. Recommend a few commonly used with a switch type encoder RA08 metal shaft rotation encoder products small size, good sealing, stable performance, can with rotary switch, the axis shape and length can be choose. This product is suitable for the intercom, small stereo, small radios and other electronic products, mainly the volume, frequency modulation and voltage regulation, rotary switch on the power on and off function. RA09 metal shaft rotary encoder USES encapsulation type structure, can effectively cope with wave soldering, good sealing, can take positioning, with pressure switch or rotary switch, axial length and shape can be adjusted, there are a variety of installation for choice. This product mainly applies to many media audio, amplifiers, walkie-talkies and other electronic devices, also can be used in household appliances, medical equipment, the main function to adjust the volume, pressure regulating, thermal control, dimming, and so on. RD16 metal shaft rotary encoder rotation feel is soft, stable performance. Axis shape and length, using circuit, installation can be choice, you can choose with the function of rotary switch. The product is suitable for power amplifier sound 呴 and other household electrical appliances, can also be used in related electronic equipments, the Lord will rise to adjust the volume, pressure regulating, thermal control and speed control function, function of switch power on and off.
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