What's the difference between the encoder and the adjustable resistor?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
Encoder is the resistance value can be adjusted according to some variation of resistance element, the encoder in abroad is also known as the adjustable resistance or variable resistor, but in the domestic adjustable resistance and encoder is not a kind of electronic components, is little different between them, in this paper, we give you specific explanation. Tell from the structure and working principle of the adjustable resistance, encoder and adjustable resistor basic similar, but not all the same, so they also exist similarities and differences, what is the difference between the encoder and the adjustable resistor, we see mainly from the following points: 1, the manipulation of the handle: the encoder with manipulation of the handle, and adjustable resistor is not manipulation of the handle. 2, resistance distribution characteristics: the output of the encoder has a variety of function characteristics, the resistance of the body of the distribution characteristics of different encoder; And the resistance of adjustable resistance distribution features of the body is the same. 3, couplet: the number of encoder has double encoder, and adjustable resistance is not. 4, volume: the volume of the encoder is big, firm structure, long service life. And adjustable resistance is small in size, service life is shorter. 5, anti-jamming performance: the encoder metal enclosure grounding in the circuit, Manipulation of the handle are connected to the enclosure) , when such adjustment encoder disturbance is small, can achieve the purpose of suppress interference; No grounding pin and adjustable resistance, to adjust when the human body induction interference. 6, installation position and frequency of use: the encoder is installed on the circuit board or on casing, either installation, his manipulation of the handle need to extend outside the casing, a convenient adjustment, the machine is in use process often adjust encoder; Installed on the circuit board and adjustable resistance, in use process usually do not adjust, only which can adjust the resistance in the troubleshooting. 7, the service life: encoder firm structure, long service life. But because the encoder used frequently, and it has a mechanical movement, so often in the same machine encoder will be damaged in front of the adjustable resistance; And adjustable resistance of simple structure, easy to adjust the improper damage, life is short, but because the use frequency is low, so there is no short service life of his shortcomings. Shanghai electronic products is 27 years old, encoder manufacturers, specializing in the production of various kinds of encoders and encoder models complete, can perfect replacement brand at home and abroad and encoder. Source manufacturer, can provide customers with a axis type, long axial length and working parts, shaft sleeve type, long sleeves, the resistance and its linear error values, professional custom, no mould cost trapped approach. Over the years have been made the world, to quality encoder customer word of mouth, looking for looking for electronic encoder manufacturers.
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