What is the vector control principle, how to use the frequency converter for closed-loop control?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-12-04
Inverter closed-loop control refers to the inverter output to motor and motor driven by mechanical equipment, using the encoder or pressure, flow sensor, to the speed of the motor or pressure, flow rate and feedback to compare two values of the operation frequency converter, the inverter output infinite close to the accurate value. Frequency converter, it features preset a closed-loop control function of the frequency converter, can according to it to the user instructions to configure corresponding encoder or sensor, please attention: let dhi igniter is an inverter vector control block diagram above, according to the above said simply, what is the frequency inverter vector control mode. Say simply, vector control is modelled on the dc motor speed control features, the three-phase asynchronous ac motor speed will also be able to control two vertical coming to adjust the dc magnetic field. (1) for a given signal processing; Frequency converter in control circuit, the rotation is simulated as a given signal is decomposed into two vertical dc magnetic field signal, respectively is called component of magnetic field and torque component im it, to simulate a dc motor of the two magnetic fields. To conduct an equivalent conversion (2); According to the basic parameters of the motor, the perpendicular rotating dc magnetic field signal is a series of equivalent transformation, and transform them to control the three-phase bridge type inverter control signals to * iA and iB * and iC *, as shown in the above. When a given signal to change it to adjust dc torque component of magnetic field, regulating performance and simulation is achieved. The speed feedback, was to make the inverter driven motor speed strictly according to the frequency converter set its value remained relatively consistent, therefore the mechanical properties of the motor is relatively hard, and it has the very high dynamic response ability. (3) sensorless vector control; Because of vector control technology is the core of equivalent conversion, the necessary conditions and speed feedback signal are not equivalent. So there is no feedback signal of the vector control mode. So-called no feedback vector control, but the user does not need to install the encoder or sensors, etc. , and is not to say within the frequency converter is also open loop operation. Different frequency converter, its function code code is different, here also just take a look at the illustrations of the frequency converter can be for their own use. Above MD380 high-performance vector type frequency converter's application in the actual circuit diagram. Above the inverter driven motor, a encoder on the motor shaft attached to synchronous rotation with motor, encoder at that point can be anywhere at any time according to the speed of the motor to collect its dynamic speed, timely feedback to the inverter PG card. MD380 converter supports four types of the encoder, encoder 'difference', 'UVW encoder' and 'rotating transformer', 'open loop' collector encoder, '' province line type encoder. Using closed-loop vector control with sensor ( F0 - 0 = 1) , can greatly improve the speed performance of frequency converter, it only need to install a coder in the shaft of the motor, the signal gathers which using encoder after PG card ( The encoder signal interface card) Feedback to frequency converter. Here to share MD380 series inverter several setting methods; According to the actual need to set the encoder used type encoder related parameters of different group 1 as an example to motor parameters stated below; (1) for differential encoder, F1 - 27 set the encoder line number, F1 - 28 is set to 0; ABZ incremental encoder. (2) for the sale of encoder, F1 - 27 set the encoder line number, F1 - 28 is set to 1; UVW incremental encoder. (3) for rotating transformer, F1 - 28 set to 2; Rotating transformer. (4) for the open collector encoder, F1 - 27 set the encoder line number, F1 - 28 is set to 0; ABZ incremental encoder. (5) for the provincial line UVW encoder, F1 - 27 set the encoder line number, F28 set to 4; Province line UVW encoder. In addition to setting the parameters of the above, but also in F0 - function code 01 - The first motor control mode) , set the project to the corresponding setting range. This project has three Settings ( 0; Speed sensorless vector control 'SVC', 1; A speed sensorless vector control FVC, 2; V/F control) 。 In fact, after, frequency converter is playing a process of practice makes perfect. As long as the heart to do it, no big deal. Because want to be a skilled electrician or a common electrician to take the money. Relevant tags:
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