What is the relationship between A and B, Z encoder?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
Many friends want to know about the encoder what is the relationship between A and B, Z? For this problem, the electronic instructions from the following several aspects: 1. Only A phase, phase B, Z encoder believes that the concept of number. So-called U, V, W phase refers to the main motor power of three-phase ac power supply, has nothing to do with encoder. 'phase A, B and Z' and 'U, V, W phase is completely no relationship of the two concepts, the former is encoder channel output signal; The latter is the main loop of the three-phase power of ac motor. The encoder of A, B, Z believe that number, A, B two channel signal is usually orthogonal ( The mutual difference 90 & deg; ) The pulse signal; And Z is zero pulse signal. In detail, the general encoder output signal in addition to the two phase (A, B A, B two channel signal sequence phase difference of 90 degrees) , every turn a zero output pulse Z. When the main shaft to rotate clockwise, the output pulse before A channel signal in the B channel; When the main shaft rotate counterclockwise, A channel signal is located at the B channel. And so the spindle is forward or reverse. In addition, each rotation encoder week send a pulse, pulse (called zero pulse or mark The Z believe) And zero pulse is used to determine the zero position or location. To accurately measure the zero pulse, regardless of direction of rotation, zero pulse were as two channel combinations of high output. As a result of the existence of phase difference between channels, zero pulse is only half the length of the pulse. Through the above detailed interpretation of everybody should have some idea of the encoder! About the encoder A, B believe, Z believe, U believe, V believe, W believe, what is the relationship between respectively, believe that through this article, you know something about this concept.
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