What is the internal structure of adjustable encoder? What is the role respectively?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
Adjustable encoder is often encountered in the circuit board of a kind of electronic components, today, electronic to internal anatomy of adjustable encoder, to understand the internal structure of adjustable encoder, and understand the material composition and the importance of each part, for you to choose a more suitable for adjustable encoder is applied to your company's products. Adjustable encoder structure generally by the skeleton structure of adjustable encoder or substrate, pedestal, resistance of body, wiper, drive components, the encoder of different components, the functions and features of each is also different. 1. Skeleton skeleton and matrix and the matrix is the insulation of the encoder in resistance bearing body, the matrix material is generally live phenolic paper laminate or epoxy resin glass fiber board, etc. Base material requirement is: to have good insulation and thermal conductivity as well as a certain mechanical strength and stability. 2. Second base base is the main component of the encoder, it is the foundation of the bearing and install encoder component, its effect is the fixed resistor body and driving mechanism. For the resistor body is independent component of the encoder, the resistance is independent of the resistors, all need to support base. 3. Resistance body resistance is one of the main key components of the encoder, made different body materials and methods of the resistance, the resistance characteristic parameters are applicable encoder, also can meet all kinds of encoder is with the use of the environment and the parameters of different requirements. General materials for the resistance of the resistance alloy wire, gold foil, powder synthesis resistance, resistance alloy wire, etc. , due to the different materials used, so there are synthetic carbon film, metal film resistor body, metal, glass glaze, organic solid, etc. 3. Brush brush contact often also referred to as the active cell or brush, because it is the resistance body movement and lead to the output and the number of contact components, so it is can affect the encoder murmur of the contact resistance, life, output characteristics and sexual contact. To brush the composition of the material is also the demand is higher, the general requirement is that the material of brush, one is to have excellent elasticity and the conductivity, the second is the good lubricity and good corrosion resistance to oxidation, the third is linear expansion coefficient and the degree of hardness and softness, should match the body resistance to the brush material is beryllium bronze, carbon black, precious metals, and the copper, etc. 4. Driving gear drive is encoder for manipulating brush along the resistor body motion artifacts, usually referred to as the drive system, the driving device is generally divided into three types. ( 1) Worm worm device with is the introduction of more circles and artifacts. ( 2) Axis of rotation device is the introduction of the rotary motion artifacts. ( 3) Sliding seat sliding seat device into linear motion artifacts. Through dissection, we can see the original appearance looks similar to the encoder products, may be internal materials used in different oh, this leads to price differences, there are some differences between nearly doubled, blindly price competition, causes the ultra low-cost encoder products market, the quality can be dangerous, you really dare to use such a product? Encoder 27 years favored by domestic and foreign customers consistent high praise, we always put quality as the first, also thanks to customers as always believe encoder, choose us not wrong! Looking for manufacturer is looking for - adjustable encoder Shanghai electronics.
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