What is the encoder sensor principle?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
Encoder sensor is through mechanical angular displacement of input into a definite function relationship with the resistance or voltage output. In the field of electronic design, the encoder is a kind of commonly used electronic components, widely used in all kinds of electrical and electronic equipment. Encoder type resistance sensor mechanical straight line displacement or angular displacement can be input into a definite function relationship with the resistance or voltage output. Encoder sensor encoder sensor function except for linear displacement and angular displacement, also widely used in measuring pressure, acceleration, level such as physical quantities. Encoder sensor advantages: simple structure, small volume, light quality, low price, stable performance, low requirements for environmental conditions, the output signal is larger, generally do not need to enlarge, and easy to realize the function relation of transformation. But due to the friction between resistance element and carbon brush ( Wear) And the resolution is limited, so its accuracy is not high, the general dynamic response is poorer, mainly is suitable for measuring the amount of change is slow. The encoder sensor sort is more, according to different input and output characteristics, the encoder type resistance sensor can be divided into two linear encoder and nonlinear encoder; According to the different structure forms, and can be divided into the wound rotor, diaphragm, photoelectric, etc. Encoder type resistance sensor principle and structure, generally by the resistance element, the skeleton and the brush ( Sliding contact) Etc, brush relative to the movement of the resistance element can be linear motion, rotation or spiral motion. When change is measured through the brush contact in the mobile resistance element, the resistance value between the contact with the resistance element will change and displacement can be realized, Be measured) And resistance between the linear transformation, this is the encoder sensor principle of work. Resistive sensor is a sensor application earlier electrical parameters, its variety, application is very extensive, its basic principle is to convert the change of the measured quantity to have corresponding relationship with the change of electrical resistance, again after the corresponding measurement circuit, reflect the variation of measured. Resistive sensor has simple structure, good linearity and stability, and the corresponding measurement circuit of strain and pressure measuring, weighing, measuring displacement, acceleration, torque measurement, measuring temperature detection system, has become a production process testing and one of the indispensable means to realize production automation. Shanghai electronics manufacturers, specializing in the production of the encoder sensor encoder sensor favored by customers, customers are widely used in robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, car audio, navigation, etc. , find the encoder sensor manufacturer is looking for electronic.
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