What is the difference between encoders and encoder?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
Encoder and the appearance of the encoder can sometimes seem consistent, lead to confusing concept, and it has essentially the difference between the two electronic components. 1. Encoders and encoder rotation Angle different encoders and encoder, the distinction that having essence, the most direct discrimination method is: rotation, if the rotation Angle is less than one circle of encoder, if can be 360 degrees of unlimited rotary encoder. 2. Encoder and the working principle of the encoder: different encoder principle is through the rotation resistance output, because the encoder internal resistance, resistance Angle limitation, so the rotation Angle less than 360 degrees. Rotation encoder: principle is through the pulse output, because inside the encoder is contact, changing pulse by on and off, so can be 360 degree rotation. Shanghai electronics specializing in the production of the encoder, the encoder for 27 years, encoder, encoder models complete, more than 70000 kinds of models for your choice, the company has advanced production equipment and testing equipment, large cargo is easy, find the encoder, encoder manufacturers will find electronic.
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