What is the causes of encoder noise? How to eliminate the encoder noise?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
What is the causes of encoder noise? We will meet the encoder has sliding noise, short answer and resolution of the noise problem, so the noise of the encoder may be caused by the following reasons: 1. Encoder resistance misallocation, rotation system with improper or contact resistance, under the condition of noise signal output of ups and downs. 2. Sliding noise refers to the encoder output signal with noise. This is due to improper encoder resistance distribution, the rotation system mismatch and reason for the encoder is contact resistance and so on. 3. Short answer is noise when moving contact on winding mobile and short answer the adjacent turns of it and through the winding current and the resistance of the wire turn and moving contact is proportional to the contact resistance between the winding. 4. Resolution noise is caused by resistance change of JieTiXing. 5. Some volume encoder to use after a period of time prone to 'raise price of noise, or after adjusting the balance of the channel is not or out of control. This is the encoder carbon film layer damage or encoder has rust. How to eliminate the encoder noise? Noise elimination encoder, take philips water (volume encoder, Rust remover) The hole behind the encoder spray a small amount into, and rotary encoder can be several times. Rust remover ( Water) that day Can also achieve this effect, but should pay attention to corrosion plastic shell. Power amplifier encoder failure, rotation noise, often mono, occasionally silent. Often use special electronic detergent to wash, with a thin tube, with fine spray into the cracks in the tube to the encoder to turn the knob again a few times. Shanghai electronic 25 years specializing in the production of encoder, encoder type and qi, quality and reliable product quality, over the years by the professional technology and quality for customers and the industry agree, find find electronic encoder manufacturers.
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