What is the absolute value encoder? And what's the difference between incremental encoder?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-04
Rotary encoder is widely used, it can measure length, speed, position Angle give feedback and participate in the control of the sensor. And rotary encoder is divided into absolute rotary encoder and incremental rotary encoder. So, what is what is the absolute rotary encoder? Absolute rotary encoder is direct digital output of the sensor, often used for motor position or velocity measuring system. The position of the absolute encoder is set by output code reading, in a turn every position of reading is the only one. Therefore, when power off or encoder shift, the absolute value encoder actual location will not be lost. Absolute value encoder range of all position with that of the absolute origin position in advance, it is not dependent on the internal and external counter accumulation and independent, the only absolute coding. For example: from external receiving devices ( Such as servo controller, PLC) , incremental value refers to A kind of relative location information of change, change from point A to point B in the signal of the increase and decrease of calculation, also known as the 'relative value', it requires continuous follow-up equipment count, because each time the data is not independent, but relies on the front of reading, on the previous data with power and interference produced by the error could not judge, causing the cumulative error; And 'absolute type working mode refers to the equipment after the initialization, determine an origin, after all the location information is absolute position with the' origin ', it does not need further device of uninterrupted count, but directly read value, the current position for error caused power outages and interference, since each readings are independent is not affected by the previous, so as to not cause error accumulated, known as' absolute type of receiving equipment, work mode. Is there a difference between to see? The difference between the absolute rotary encoder and incremental rotary encoder is mainly manifested in the following four aspects: 1: first, the absolute value for the code salver of the encoder and incremental differences for the code salver of the encoder. Incremental type on the same circumference of a circle for the code salver of the encoder has a fixed number of grating, cutting through grating light to produce a certain number of pulses, As the number in each circle grating encoder so-called resolution) ; While the absolute value encoder on the same encoder on different circle have different quantity, different intervals of grating, namely when the encoder parked in a certain position, can through the encoder on the circumference of a circle is pervious to light into the fixed position, after the output line is shown in a fixed number. Type 2: when the power is incremental encoder can't record the current position, only cooperate with counter equipment record. And absolute value encoder itself can record location, useless to worry about power after the record keeping. 3: absolute encoder with multiple output code system ( Binary code, decimal BCD code, gray code) , can be directly provided to the display unit, PC and other equipment, and incremental encoder is not directly provide display unit. 4: almost absolute encoder can not consider speed, interference and other issues, as long as the encoder to stop at a certain position, turn the received in any influence, finally can display the current position. Well, through the above description believe everyone with absolute rotary encoder, Shanghai electronic products co. , LTD. , specializing in the production of rotary encoder, 25 years, there are more than 70000 types product, you need to find the absolute value type rotary encoder, jueduixingbianmaqi / 33 - you can go to the following link 1. HTML in looking for the right number, you have any questions, consult us.
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